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ChatGPT is great for content, problem is everyone else thinks so too! Whatever your niche / topic is, there's a million other people creating the same content using ChatGPT, thinking they have the best content ever. In reality, it's a plagiarism of so many other articles

WordAssistant scans and extracts entities, NLP-terms and data from the web before writing your content so you have the combination of what Google thinks it's best.

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AI Powered

Our content engine is powered by the latest GPT models and constantly updated to keep pace with new technologies and methodologies.

Dedicated Development Team

We have a dedicated development team constantly working on making most voted customer feature requests come true.

Bulk Content

Create bulk tasks to speed up your content creation process. Just enter your titles in bulk and let WordAssistant do its magic.

Insert Entities

Automatically discover most relevant entities to insert in your content based on the top results.

Insert Data

Automatically discover data & information your competition is talking about to gain competitive advantage.


Automate semantically relevant internallinking within your content.

Up to 20 at a time

Create content in bulk.

Enter as many titles as you like at once to speed up your content creation process.


Inject entities & data

Our algorithms will crawl the web and supercharge your content with entities & information that bring top ranking pages their success.

Relevant internallinks

Automate internallinking

Automatically insert internallinks where its semantically relevant.

Anything you can imagine.

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Informational content

Commercial roundups


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Create a new service

TaskAGI is a marketplace for AI applications. Go to Browse menu and start WordAssistant as a new service.

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Simply input titles for your articles and enter other relevant information such as a domain for internallinking, dialects or content style.


View, edit or export your AI Powered copy with a few clicks.

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Make your life easier by choosing WordAssistant.

Repetitive content
One article at a time
No internallinks
No entity & data research
Potential plagiarism
Create content in bulk
Predictable pricing
Automated entity & information injection
Automated internallinks
24 / 7 support
Seamless Integrations • Plugins (COMING SOON)

Beyond and above.





Transfer your content to your favorite CMS with a click of a button.

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WordAssistant by TaskAGI is an AI powered content writing platform. It's designed to simplify more of the writing process and handle bulk orders.

In the context of natural language processing (NLP) and information retrieval, entities are specific, named objects or concepts that can be categorized. Examples of entities include people, places, organizations, dates, and more. Understanding entities is important because they provide context and structure to text, making it easier to extract meaningful information and perform tasks like sentiment analysis, information retrieval, and text summarization. According to Google, anything that is "singular, unique, well-defined, and distinguishable." Entity-based content strategy aims to increase topical relevance of your content and increase authority.

Entity-based content strategy involves creating and optimizing content around these specific entities. This approach enhances the topical relevance of your content, making it more authoritative in its niche. By focusing on singular, unique, and distinguishable entities, you can not only improve your content's search engine visibility but also provide valuable and informative material to your audience. This strategy aligns with search engines' evolving algorithms, which increasingly prioritize understanding and categorizing entities to deliver more accurate and contextually relevant search results. In essence, entity-based content strategy is a forward-thinking approach to content creation that helps your content stand out, provide value, and excel in an increasingly competitive digital landscape.

We hate limitations, so do you. WordAssistant costs $45 and it's unlimited usage. No word count limits, no article limits, and it includes all the features. You just need your OpenAI key.

Yes, we release regular updates to the system to improve its performance and add new features. You can expect to receive notifications about these updates. Updates may include bug fixes, security patches, and new features that enhance the overall functionality of the system.

It's an optional feature that come included with all WordAssistant plans. When you generate a content, we take a look at the rest of your website and include semantically relevant internallinks to the rest of your previously published pages.

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